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Criminal Law Firms in Abbotsford - In our company, we specialize in Intellectual Property & Technology law providing different services to clients regarding the aspects associated to intellectual property. This might consist of industrial designs, copyrights, trade-marks, licensing, software, confidentiality, trade secrets, biotechnology, and different technology matters. We are proactive in our approach to offering timely solutions to clients' concerns.

We offer our services to various clients from both the private and public sectors. Our passionate business clients care about the innovative products and services, offering the creative energy to be able to be successful. They come from diverse fields like for instance the software, music, film, service, manufacturing and travel industries. Our company provides complicated legal tools and services designed to secure and protect our clients' services and products. When clients have global problems, we work extensively with foreign legal counsel to be able to provide solutions.

Our practice seeks to apply innovative approaches to solving technology and business problems. We keep up to date with trends in emerging technology and media, alert to any likely legal effect on our clients. To be able to ensure a full range of legal services are available to our clients, our lawyers form client teams together with various lawyers, when appropriate.


We can offer professional legal recommendation in the areas of international copyright conventions and copyright legislation. The holders of copyright would receive advice about infringement and enforcement. We likewise review and draft license arrangements, and help with the registration and protection of clients' copyright both locally and internationally.


As registered Trade-mark Agents, we prepare and prosecute trade-mark applications, carry out trade-mark and name searches, represent clients in trade-mark litigation, get clearance and pre-clearance both worldwide and nationwide, and conduct trade-mark licensing. In order to assist our clients who are involved in globalized name and mark arrangements; we draw upon established relationships with a broad network of trade-mark agents. The will help to ensure a smooth delivery on an inter-jurisdictional basis. Clients get assistance in the resolution of disputes and the enforcement of trade-mark right in the administrative forums and courts.


We have clients involved in commercializing and developing new software and different innovative services and products. Our services help both established and new and emerging companies and organizations in the following fields: nutraceutical, hospitals, biotechnology, pharmaceutical; video game development and publishing; and software design and publishing. Our technology experts advise clients concerning issues such as the Internet and e-business, using "open source" code, systems acquisitions, licensing, technology transfers, technology aspects of commercial mergers and transactions, distribution agreements, joint ventures, corporate structure and financing, and strategic alliances.


Our Practice members advise clients regarding contractual matters connected to patents, such as the licensing and acquisition of patent rights.

Industrial Design

Our industrial design professionals assist clients in the preparation and prosecution of industrial design registrations in Canada. Proper referrals to U.S. agents in connection with design patents within the U.S. can even be offered.


We also litigate for our clients in problems concerning disputes involving industrial design, copyright, licensing, confidentiality agreement, trade-marks, passing off, trade secrets and patents.

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