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Abbotsford Disability Lawyer - Businesses increasingly find that they must keep up with new legislation about Privacy and Protection of Information. Privacy matters are more important then ever in today's world. Our firm's privacy team offers various services to help clients navigate the ever-evolving laws governing the storage, use, protection and collection of private information. Our team assists clients to maintain and develop privacy procedures and programs by drafting corporate disclosure privacy policies which guarantee compliance with legislative needs. Our goal is to be able to stay focused regarding your retention policies as well as particular data collection requirements to be able to lessen exposure.

We can prepare confidentiality agreements for use in handling all kinds of private information. We provide recommendation concerning the subjects of information requests, complaints, court actions, and regulatory interventions. We offer advice about the most useful means to be able to handle information requests so as to ensure the safeguarding of your financial, commercial, and different strategic information. This includes opposing and making information requests, and counseling and representing clients prior to tribunals.

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