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Impaired Driving Abbotsford - Some of the most valuable assets that a company could have are patents. It is vital that a patent portfolio is secured and maintained in order to make certain that a business will continue to expand and succeed.

As amongst the largest and respective patent teams within the nation, we have extensive skill in procuring patents and protecting them. In addition, we help clients leverage patent matters with skill and efficiency.

Our team consists of a variety of different professionals, such as patent agents, technical consultants and patent lawyers. Some of our technical consultants have a Ph.D in either an engineering or scientific discipline. A few examples of the areas in which we have expertise are aerospace, chemical, civil, biochemical, computer science, electrical, metallurgy and material science, industrial, mechanical, biochemistry, biotechnology, biomechanics, chemistry, food science, genetics, endocrinology, life sciences, immunology, microbiology, neuropsychology, molecular/cellular biology, neurophysiology, pharmacology, organic chemistry, physics, toxicology, and physiology.

Using our broad variety of technical skills along with a combination of acute business acumen, we can provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of various technical complexities. Our skills, experience and expertise will enable us to be able to help our clients achieve optimal patent asset value. We are there to provide valuable help and recommendation about the negotiation of technology transfer and licensing agreements along with the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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