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Immigration Lawyer Abbotsford - The "Family Class" class of immigration has a purpose to help make sure that families are together. Our law group can assist you reunite your family. We also help with the completion and submission of documents and forms to the immigration authorities. Our objective is to be able to help you through the entire immigration procedure.

The following family members are eligible under the Family Class: conjugal partner, common-law partner, spouse, adopted child, dependent child, parent, grandparent, or an orphaned family member below 18 years of age who is the sponsor's brother or sister, niece, nephew, adopted child or grandchild. In this nation, so as to bring a family together a sponsor is required. The sponsor should be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of this country or a permanent resident living here. The sponsor must file a sponsorship application to Citizenship and Immigration. Depending on the kind of relationship between the family member and the sponsor, a different set of forms, requirements, and supporting documents are required.

Sponsorship applications are usually processed in 8 weeks starting from the date of submission to the Citizenship and Immigration authorities, as long as all the necessary forms are completed correctly, and all information and supporting documents are included.

Spouses should be at least sixteen years old and be legally married to the sponsor by the civil authorities of a country. The marriage is considered to be legal in Canada, if the marriage is valid within the country where it took place. A marriage certificate, given by the civil authorities of the country where the marriage took place, is considered necessary in order to prove that the sponsor and spouse are legally married. A divorce certificate provided by a Court must be submitted in conditions where one of the parties was married in the past.

A common-law partner must have lived along with the sponsor in a conjugal relationship for a specified period of time. A common-law relationship starts on the day a couple decides to physically cohabit a home. In a common-law relationship, there is no record to be able to prove that a couple is residing together. Nonetheless, there are documents that can help to prove the existence of a common-law relationship, such as joint credit cards and bank accounts, lease or property agreements in both names, documents showing the same address, and insurance policies.

Under Family Class, a dependent child is an adopted or biological child who is below twenty two years of age and has never been in a common-law relationship or married and was supported financially by the parent. The son or daughter may be over 22 years of age if he or she is incapable, due to a physical or mental condition, so as to support him or herself.

The relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored person who is a parent, grandparent, or an orphaned family member under 18 years of age who is the sponsor's brother or sister, niece, nephew, grandchild, or adopted child, must be proven through documents issued by civil authorities.

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