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Immigration Law Firms Abbotsford - Handling employers in legal disputes and legal problems can be challenging and stressful experiences. Our team of experienced and committed employment lawyers represent clients who are subject to unfair, unethical or illegal labour practices, like in cases of sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful dismissal, or defamation. Difficulties with an employer are often life changing and emotional events, and our employment law professionals are here to assist you navigate the complexities of employment law with sensitivity and professionalism.

If you believe your labour complaint falls within the legal boundaries of unfair labour practices, it is important that you phone our office. We will help you determine if the circumstances violate your legal rights. Lots of complaints about labour law are hard to prove; thus, it is vital for you to understand your legal rights. Like for instance, to legally terminate your employment, employers must have just cause and provide you with reasonable notice. Your employer must provide you a reasonable severance package based on the amount of time that you have worked for the company, your age, and the reason you were terminated. If you believe you have been wrongfully dismissed, phone our employment law lawyers so we can talk about the matter with you. If have been the victim of unfair labour practices, we can act in your best interests in whatever action taken against your previous employer.

Clients seek help from our office with such problems as severance packages, employment contracts, wrongful dismissal, health, safety and human rights (such as discrimination and sexual harassment), defamation and worker's compensation. We can assist with any of these legal problems or different challenges that may occur between your employer and you.

It is important that you do not try to face the Labour Board unprepared and alone because the many Labour Laws are complex. Our knowledgeable teams of lawyers working on employment law know hot to protect your rights and would work diligently so as to protect those rights. If litigation is unavoidable, we would aggressively defend your rights throughout legal procedures.

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