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Abbotsford Tax Lawyers - Our team of Tax Planning and Dispute Resolution lawyers offers practical and innovative tax planning solutions. Good tax suggestion is essential for individuals as well as business in today's complicated tax environment. Nearly every aspect of daily life involves some type of tax consideration, affecting both business and personal decision making. Whether you are selling or buying a business, handling matrimonial property dispute, estate planning, issuing securities, organizing a charity or planning charitable donations, sound tax advice is vital for long-term success in life.

Our company offers services and advice related to most aspects of corporate tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, estate and wills planning, corporate finance, divestitures, matrimonial property settlements and corporate reorganizations. We have various clients that include joint ventures, individuals, corporations, limited and general partnerships, along with other businesses and organizations. Our professionals within the field of tax law are recognized experts in the field and are frequently invited to make presentations at tax law conferences.

Within Corporate Tax Planning, our tax group offers tax strategies for transfer pricing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, asset transfers, wind-ups, common and preferred share offerings, partnerships, joint ventures and various business problems. We also acquire interpretations, advance pricing agreements and technical rulings. Our lawyers provide knowledgeable, priority, value-based assistance.

Under the areas of Resource Taxation, we can provide mineral royalties and tax planning recommendation concerning major resource developments, such as gas and oil, mining, agriculture along with pulp and paper.

In order to achieve resolution of tax disputes, we offer sound advice on income tax, sales tax, tax objections and audits. If needed, our tax litigators would act for clients before the courts.

We can assist and advise with Employment Benefits and Compensation, problems associated to compensation and benefits law and pensions.

We have services for our clients in the area of Estate planning and Wills, consisting of preparation of wills and estate planning, income splitting and estate freezes. We can also assist in corporate reorganizations.

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